Compatible for Lexmark 71B1HC0 (71B0H20) Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 3.5K High Yield Products

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This product Compatible Lexmark 71B1HC0 (71B0H20) Toner Cartridge, 3.5K High page yield. Whether for home printing use or office/small business printing use. For use with the Lexmark CS417DN printer, CS517DE printer, CX417DE printer, CX517DE printer. This will be a perfect fit for all office and residential use with high performance. They reduce clutter and provide high resolution. These products help you work efficiently without sacrificing quality and provide good results. Create handouts that standout with these products. They help keep any office space bustling and working efficiently whether it’s working to print out important presentation notes or attention-grabbing flyers. If you’re getting a printer set up or just replacing a Cartridge in an existing printer, be sure to double-check the manual and verify that this Cartridge will be the right fit for your equipment. Take a look at other like-items to keep your office stocked with the parts and equipment you need to succeed. Pick up these office supplies like and get your work up to speed today.

  • Compatible or Remanufactured Cartridge
  • Color: Cyan
  • Multiple Benefits and Features