Soleus Air 9' Adjustable Floor and Tabletop Air Circulator with Remote Control

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The Soleus Air 9' Adjustable Floor and Tabletop Digital Display Air Circulator with Remote Control is a powerful air moving machine. The large digital display shows speed settings, modes, and timer. The 90-degree pivot, adjustable head and 12-speed DC motor gets air moving exactly where it is needed most. A 7.5 hour timer can be easily set to turn the air circulator off in half-hour increments. Natural wind mode will mimic natures breeze with gusts and calms of air movement. The ultra-quiet operation moves air as low as 30 dB. This air circulator works great with other Soleus Air products to boost airflow and maximize the benefits of air conditioning, heating, dehumidification, and air purification.
  • Use with your fireplace or air conditioning to circulate more air throughout the room for better energy effeciency
  • Easy to read digital display and remote control
  • 90-degree rotation & adjustable head for maximum air movement around your room or office

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